What are you doing this mother’s day?

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It’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to celebrate our mums and all they’ve done for us over the years. I’m sure most of us would agree it’s a worthy celebration, but does a simple card cut it?

For Mothers Day this year, it’s not too late, we still have some fantastic offers that will really show your appreciation. Don’t leave it too late this year.

Keep an eye on your daily emails for featured Mothers Day offers. We’ve been posting great offers all week so take advantage now. There’s bound to be something for everyone from flowers to pampering experiences and spa weekends.

Get your mum something she deserves this year….

Buy with confidence through Buyometric

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This is a word of warning about using group buying sites. That may seem like a weird thing for us to write about – after all Buyometric is a site which aggregates group buying sites, and we really want you to use them! But, just like in many areas of life, sometimes a badly behaved minority can give the majority a bad name. It’s worth exercising some caution in using group buying and daily deal sites, and that’s why filtering the sites with Buyometric can give you more confidence that you’re (most likely) buying from a reputable site.

The group buying sites and daily deal sites which we bring together on our site are generally trustworthy. We can’t make any guarantees (we wish we could), however if we get any complaints from our users, we will always follow them up, and if necessary, we’ll take the offending site off our website and out of our daily emails.

But we know some group buying sites can get a bad press, especially if you search through some of the online forums. Here are some examples of issues that have been reported with some group buying sites.

Firstly, a company can go out of business before you’ve had the opportunity to use their voucher. Obviously it’s possible for this to happen, but it’s a bit of a myth that companies participate in a voucher scheme only when they’re down on their luck. Many successful businesses also participate in very low priced daily deals, and they do this to introduce new customers to their business. However we’d advise you to be just as careful buying a voucher for a company’s services through a group buying site, as if you were buying the voucher directly from the company itself. It’s not always possible for the voucher provider to compensate you if the business does go bust.

Secondly, people have reported that it can sometimes be difficult to book in appointments (eg a reservation for a restaurant, or an appointment for beauty treatment) at convenient times because the business that has issued vouchers suddenly has huge demand which it can’t cope with.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you have very limited times available when you could use the voucher, the business may not have appointments at the times that suit you. However the main daily deal sites are very careful when setting up deals that they do not create demand that the business can’t cope with. If you do have a problem making a reservation, most sites (eg Groupon) will give you a chance to get a refund within 7 days of buying the voucher. Check the terms and conditions of the group buying site carefully if you have any concerns about this.

In reality, the number of issues we hear about through Buyometric is absolutely tiny (and we help to sell a lot of deals!). When there is an issue, it is usually a misunderstanding that can be easily resolved.

And it’s worth remembering, these sites (including the US versions) sell many thousands of deals every day. So although problems do occur, they are few and far between.

We’d advise you always to use these sites with your eyes open wide, to be an active consumer, complaining confidently if anything goes wrong, and knowing what your consumer rights are.

Using Buyometric gives you a measure of confidence as we monitor the behaviour of the sites we use – but as we don’t take your money, we are unable to offer any refunds directly. Please do let us know if anything goes wrong and we’ll always do our best to help you.

Luxury Travel Deals – Secret Escapes

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We recently entered into the travel space in a big way! Secret Escapes offer daily deals for the travel industry with savings of up to 75% – how could we resist?

Secret EscapesIf, like us, you love a great deal on holidays – these guys offer regular deals on hotels and flights but you have to be quick, their deals go fast – as you’d expect…

Like with private buying clubs, you are required to sign up to these guys in order to buy their deals, but don’t panic – you don’t have to receive their daily emails. You’re already getting their relevant deals if you’re signed up to Buyometric’s daily email, so simply unselect the option to receive daily emails or newsletters when signing up to them, and get all their great daily offers in your Buyometric email instead.

New Addition – Dealtastic

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We first met Dealtastic in March 2011. A kind of hybrid Group Buying site, Dealtastic offers massive discounts on abroad range of products, but gadgets are their main product and up until now we haven’t featured any “gadget specific” merchants. If like me you love your gadgets, then you’ll love Dealtastic and all they have to offer.


Whether you’re looking for deals for him, deals for her, deals for the kids or deals for your home, Buyometric, in conjunction with Dealtastic, is here to save you money on your purchases.

They’ve tweeted about us and added a facebook post so of course, we’ll be doing the same. Keep your eyes peeled.