Hungry Local Hits Buyometric Headlines

Posted by on 22-08-2011, under Group buying, Hungry Local

The Hungry Local team are taking the Group Buying model to a new level. For them, it’s not just about massive discounts and impulse purchases. They wanted to create a community feel about their business and it looks like they’re doing a great job. After a long chat with their founder – Tom Spink – it became abundantly clear that Hungry Local is built upon a simple idea…”empowering the customer”.

Hungry Local use the same, familiar model wit time sensitive offers up to 90% off but combine this with their focus on providing information on “what to do and see in your area”.

When asked about this, Tom was very clear, “we want to provide our community with more than just a “daily deal”, we want them to know about what’s going on in their area, discover hidden gems and experience things that they might miss out on otherwise, and if we can save them money in the process – even better”

As Hungry Local get set to launch their service across the UK, I look forward to working closely with Tom and the rest of the team to offer Buyometric members the same great benefits and help spread the word up and down the country.

Savvy Mummys Makes Its Debut

Posted by on 18-08-2011, under Group buying

With all the fantastic new Daily Deal and Group Buying businesses starting up, it was only a matter of time before someone I knew set something up. So when I heard about Savvy Mummys and saw the name of the founder I was straight on the phone. Savvy Mummys is a great concept – it takes the existing group buying model, but targets a very specific niche – as the name would suggest – expectant, new and more experienced mums can expect to find a fantastic array of discounted offers that really do target those things that mums need, want and deserve. Savvy Mummys was founded by Ali Harriss and a few other University friends. I spoke to Ali and got the following response:

” We’re part of a big group of Uni friends living in Clapham (AKA Nappy Valley), and we’re at that age where one by one we’re all walking up the aisle, having babies and buying prams. Being the entrepreneurial group that we are, we wanted to set something up together that would offer value to us, our families and our friends.”

Well, I can certainly say that they’ve created a gem, it’s targeted, relevant and genuinely useful, and the response they’ve had from the local community has been overwhelming. They’ve insisted that they aren’t rushing to branch out but there are plans in the pipeline. They want to make sure they’ve developed a great product that really does serve the community before delivering the concept to a wider audience and I for one look forward to helping them expand when the time comes.

Goodypass Adds The Celebrity Factor

Posted by on 17-08-2011, under Goodypass, Group buying

Kate Garraway came up with the idea and name after she set out to find ways of developing a long term business that offered something real and of value to her fans. As Kate says “I’ve always known that I’m incredibly lucky to get gifts and discounts just because I’m on TV. But thanks to my new website I now have the chance to share a slice of the celebrity lifestyle with you”. 


What’s different and so great about Goodypass is its celebrity focus. Kate has expanded the idea to a number of her celebrity friends and all of the deals are now endorsed by them. Every celebrity has their own section of the website where they provide unique content for their fans – blogs, photos, videos etc – and allow visitors to the site to communicate directly with them.

After discussing some their plans with Commercial Director, Thomas Duncan, it’s clear to me that there is potential for a fantastically successful, long term relationship with Goodypass and I look forward to giving Buyometric supporters the opportunity to benefit from the same great “Celebrity Discounts”.

We’re hiring: Graduate/Junior PHP developer – London

Posted by on 11-08-2011, under About Buyometric

Fancy joining a friendly start-up that’s operating slap bang in the middle of the explosive daily deals industry? Your search is over! We’re looking to hire a full time graduate/junior PHP developer at our offices in London Bridge.

Launched in November 2010, Buyometric is a market leader in the aggregation and distribution of daily deals and flash sales. We have a reputation for using cutting edge technology and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver the right deals to the right people, meaning we enjoy super high customer engagement and conversion metrics.

We need a graduate/junior PHP developer to join our team and assist us in a range of top secret projects with suitably cryptic names such as *Mobile*, *Portals* and *Dashboard*. The work will be diverse, fast-paced and challenging.

The necessary skills

  • Very strong PHP/MYSQL skills
  • Strong JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX skills
  • Good understanding of Unix/Linux
  • Bonus points for an interest in iOS, Andriod, HTML5 mobile development

Application process

Is this you? Then we want to hear from you!

Send us an email introducing yourself plus your CV to Shortlisted applicants will be asked to sit an online PHP test, followed by a trip to our office for a chat.

Tell us about your daily deal experiences

Posted by on 03-08-2011, under About Buyometric, New features

Buyometric Needs YouFancy seeing your face grinning back at you from the Buyometric website? We’d like to start collecting mini-reviews from Buyometric users on how they’ve found the *Daily Deal* experience. Anything from a few lines to a few paragraphs will do. The following questions might give you some inspiration:

  • Was the purchase process straight forward?
  • Did you receive your voucher code promptly?
  • Do you like using our partners’ websites (e.g. Groupon, Dealtastic etc)?
  • Were any issues quickly resolved?
  • Any advice you would give to someone considering a deal?

We’d like to use your quotes (plus a little picture if possible) on our website to inform other users of what to expect. We welcome negative comments, but would rather that they are framed as advice rather than out and out criticism.

Tell us in the following ways:

  • Twitter – tweet your thoughts and include the hashtag #buyometric. If we use your quote we can link back to your Twitter profile for you. Alternatively follow then DM @buyometric
  • Facebook – Comment on our wall post at
  • Blog – leave your thoughts in the comments below
  • Email – send your mini-review to Attach a photo if you have one handy.

There are no big prizes for taking part, other than personal glory, but if you send us a particularly useful or enlightening review we may be able to rustle up some Amazon Vouchers from the back of the stationery cupboard!