Growing pains: When email goes AWOL

Posted by on 16-11-2011, under About Buyometric

Email problemsYou may have noticed a few occasions during the past month when you didn’t receive your daily offers email, or that your email came through late in the day. I’d like to put your mind at rest – “it’s not you, it’s me”!

We suffered a few growing pains during October as the number of people using our service continued to expand. From day one, we always wanted to be in full control of our technology architecture. Our emails are the most important element of our business, and so we wanted to send every single one ourselves, from our own servers. It might surprise you to hear that within the daily deals space we are pretty much unique in this respect. Most companies use a third party to deliver their emails – such as SendGrid, Amazon or Mailchimp. They do this so that they don’t have to worry about scaling their mail servers, sender reputation and creating sophisticated tracking systems to report open and click through rates. That’s all very well, but we made the decision that we didn’t want to surrender control of one of the most critical aspects of our business to somebody else.

We are a technology company, and so we took on the challenge of building our own server configuration that would cope with the level of emails we planned to send each day. We wanted to be in full control of our sender reputation with the major email providers – choosing to live or die by the quality of the emails we send our users. And we wanted to build the sophisticated tracking systems ourselves, so we could feed them straight back in to our recommendation engine and behavioural profiles of users.

And so that’s what we’ve done.

All was going swimmingly until mid October, when our current set up started to groan under the strain. Reports of missing emails started to roll in and successful delivery rates began to fall. For two weeks the technical team battled with the servers and our huge database – optimising queries, replacing queue systems and boosting memory. We overhauled the entire system to produce a lean, mean, emailing machine.

And the hard work has paid off. Delivery is back around the 100% mark. Our open rates are once again industry leading and our users are receiving the deals they are most interested in. To top things of, in the last week we’ve achieved Priority Sender status with Yahoo mail which we’re very pleased about.

Of course if you do notice anything strange with your emails, shout at us and we’ll look in to it.

Mobile website

Posted by on 07-11-2011, under About Buyometric, New features

Mobile website We’ve just launched a beta version of our website for iPhone users.

An increasing number of people are viewing our website on their smart phone. In fact the numbers have been rocketing. And with a whopping 54% of our smart phone visitors using an iPhone (and a further 4% on iPod Touch), we decided our first task was to design an interface tailored to this group of users.

If you are already receiving our daily emails, just open the email on your iPhone and click on any link. You will be automatically transferred to the mobile site. All your preferences will be the same as for the main website.

Using your phone you can browse offers, view full details and change your selected tags and chosen areas. More functionality will be coming soon.

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