White is the new black: The trouble with HTML email

Posted by on 29-03-2012, under New features

Hands up, we had a problem. Every once in a while we’d get a message from a user who couldn’t read our emails. “Red text on a black background is a terrible combination!” the emails would say. We were baffled – our emails are white – are you really talking about our emails?

But last week the complaints increased. And then there were screenshots. Oh dear.

I followed up with as many customers as possible. It turns out that a few combinations of Windows and Internet Explorer were resulting in the incorrect rendering of our HTML email in webmail clients. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail all equally affected.

The problem sounds like something that’s easy to fix. A bgcolor= here, inline CSS background-color there. But not so – it was a very stubborn bug. In the end we ditched our old email template completely and set about creating a new one. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now so that we can create rules to adapt the email layout depending on the device being used. For example, on an iPhone our deal titles were too small to be read easily and there was too much information cluttering up smaller screens.

We based the new deal email on the HTML Email Boilerplate by Sean Powell. Even with this solid start it wasn’t easy getting it looking consistent across all devices and email clients. Yahoo Mail renders the email as if it’s being viewed on a mobile device – even on a desk top, and Hotmail/Live wont show background images, which we use to make sure the email width can be scaled for mobile screens. Our thanks go to the diligent folks at Campaign Monitor for their work on css support for email which proved invaluable in this task.

It’s a work in progress, but the first version of the new templates was rolled out to all users today. Fingers crossed, no more black background.

VouchMANIA.com launched to bring daily deals to UK students

Posted by on 21-03-2012, under Partnerships

VouchMANIAOn Monday we rolled out a new partnership which brings daily deals to the UK student population. The site, VouchMANIA.com, has been developed in conjunction with the 2Study Foundation, a charity that provides university students in England and Wales with ‘means tested’ hardship awards that range from £500 to £3,000.

Initially the site will be marketed to 250,000 university students from a group of supporting universities over the next few weeks through a new student social networking site money2study.com. Eighty per cent of net profits generated from the site will be donated to the 2Study Foundation.

We’re delighted to be working with the VouchMANIA.com team and the 2Study Foundation by providing access to our deals aggregation platform. Students have not been heavily targeted by daily deal websites until now but we expect to see strong uptake, particularly because all purchases will help fellow students in need.

View the full press release here

Buyometric at the Daily Deals Summit Europe 2012

Posted by on 20-03-2012, under About Buyometric

Yesterday I joined Kate Garraway on stage at the Daily Deal Summit Europe to discuss customer engagement strategies and personalisation in daily deals. The event was attended by most of the key players across Europe and it was a great pleasure to meet both partners and competitors to compare notes and share stories.

Our thanks go to the organising team for putting on the event – we are very much looking forward to DDSummitEurope 2013!

Paul Fisher - DDSummitEurope

Paul Fisher and Kate Garraway - DDSummitEurope

Kate Garraway - DDSummitEurope

Buyometric Couldn’t Miss The European Daily Deal Summit

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Europe’s first ever daily deal event, the DD Summit Europe 2012, will bring together over a dozen of Europe’s most important daily deal providers on one stage in London and there was no way we could miss out. Joined by representatives from all the biggest daily deal brands across Europe we’ll be out to meet and greet some our industries key players.





Joined by Kate Garraway, we’ll be showcasing our latest partnership (Goodypass.com) and hoping to talk to interested parties about the benefits of a White Label solution and the future of the daily deals space…as we see it.

If you want to come and meet us (or anyone else at the event) but haven’t got your tickets yet, please get in touch asap.

Hope to see you there….