About us

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What’s Buyometric?

Buyometric is the smarter way to discover deals.

Every day (early every morning in fact), we search out and categorize the best online offers from daily deal websites, companies and brands. We know where to find the best deals and we actually hand-pick them for you.

We then work hard to deliver you with a unique email especially for you, based on your preferences. All usually by about 8 o’clock in the morning!

It’s our smart system behind the scenes which matches the deals to your preferences. If you tell us what you’re interested in, and where you live and work, our smart system will do the hard work, looking at deal location and type of deal to come up with an email that’s tailored to you. What’s more, it continuously learns which deals you’re clicking on, so it gets better and better at sending you what you want.

Why we started Buyometric

There are so many great money-saving deals and special offers out there. You might already use some of these daily deal and group buying sites – Groupon, LivingSocial, KGB Deals, Secret Sales, Dealtastic are some of them. We love these sites but there are a lot of them, so subscribing to all those daily emails would leave you with a cluttered inbox. What’s more, they offer brilliant deals – but usually only for one day, so you have to act quickly.

We started Buyometric to help you cut through all the rubbish you don’t want and find the deals you do want, in good time to take advantage of them on the day they’re available. That means no more trawling through laser teeth whitening and car hire deals if all you’re interested in is great deals on cinema tickets and Japanese food.

How to join Buyometric

It’s easy. Give us your email address, do our short picture quiz, and you’ll start receiving our daily email (you can opt out at any time). You can make this more targeted as time goes by, by improving and adjusting your preferences.