3 things we wish we could see at the London Fashion Week

Celebrating London Fashion Week

Just when you thought we’d have London back to ourselves, journalists, fashionistas and strangely clad men and women will be invading London from today onwards for London Fashion Week. Since we didn’t get invited to Paul Smith’s supermodel jacuzzi party, we’ve decided to retaliate by launching our new Fashion collection pages, where you can find the web’s best fashion offers for men and women, all in one place. The pages will alert you to online sales for individual brands and department stores as well as premium designer sales from private buying clubs such as Brand Alley, Secret Sales and Cocosa – all offering discounts of up to 80%.

London Fashion Week is taking place in and around Somerset house, which housed the Casa Brasil (and some great dancing) during the Olympics. You can expect a wide variety of events with designers such as Burberry Prorsum, House of Holland or PPQ invading the catwalks. Socials, showrooms, and much more await the lucky attendees. However, there is so much more happening behind closed doors and smoky rooms that we want to know of.


  1. An inside view to the designer’s world


As we all know, high end fashion is a very creative world sitting under a lot of pressure. Between a designer’s whims, the people stitching creations up, and deadlines having to be met by project managers, you’d think the average decibel level is quite higher than usual. Since we are talking about rather eccentric individuals, why not feature a video at the end of LFW with the most emotional (or loud) moments of the week? Surely the fashion world would seem less cold and soulless with designers screaming and people crying. We want human emotions! Which takes us to…


  1. Catwalk fails


One of Murphy’s laws dictates that if something can go wrong, it will. In this case, why can’t we see the catwalk fails when a model inevitably trips because 12 inch heels really seemed like they could become THE new trend? What about that model who just lost too much weight and had their trousers fall or the redhead and brunette who work for the same brand but just hate each other and decide to turn the catwalk into a ring? The point being, brands at LFW will not accept failure, yet it is an essential part of the human experience. Why not embrace that and capitalise on it? Dear brands, your Fashion Week bloopers video will definitely go viral compared to that mildly amusing video your marketing department has been pushing on us for ages. Talking about fails…


  1. Finally knowing the basics to dating a model


Undeniably, we have all pursued a love which unfortunately didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Behind closed doors and at social events, models are meeting other people and some may even find themselves at the start of a relationship. For those of us who won’t be with them, we’d like to know more. How do we stalk them without it being creepy? How do we approach them without looking like a strange man in a car with sweets? (Although that last approach probably doesn’t work on people who are devoted to maintaining their physique). The point is, LFW, can you just give us some advice on what they like and where they hang out so we can approach them and hopefully even converse? Alternatively, an invitation to the next pool party will suffice.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back next Tuesday with more updates and a piece about our newest addition to the team as well as other news. In the mean time, don’t forget to check out our Men’s Fashion and Women’s Fashion collection pages

Beat P.O.D (Post Olympic Depression)

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Beat Post Olympic Depression with a Autumn break

This summer, London welcomed the rest of the world and showed them what British hospitality meant. We cheered our team on in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and we made sure that no matter where our visitors came from, they had the best experience possible this summer.

However, September is now upon us and with it the daily commute, hustle and bustle and your boss breathing down your neck.

At Buyometric, we’ve been working tirelessly with our partners throughout the games to bring you our new, improved website which should make your experience smoother, slicker and a whole lot easier. Our Travel section was released just a few days ago and in a bid to help our fellow Brits beat P.O.D (Post-Olympic Depression) we’ve pulled together a selection of some of the best that Britain has to offer in the “Under £100” category. That’s why our new Travel section features a regularly updated selection of great offers for holidays within the UK and abroad so you can explore and discover this beautiful country without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Keeping our deal afficionados (that means you) happy is a top priority here so we decided the best way to celebrate this new source of leisure and pleasure was to launch a competition to send a lucky duo away on a “Great British Getaway”. To enter our competition, all you have to do is LIKE our Facebook page. Don’t forget to comment or update your status to ” Need a free weekend break to get over post Olympic Depression? Check out @buyometric ” to spread the word

Good luck!


As with all things, there are a few t’s & c’s but as you can see, there’s no fine print here:

Terms and conditions

  1. Buyometric will draw a winner at the end of the Great British Getaway competition on Friday 21st September 2012 subject to a minimum number of 500 entries.
  2. The winner will be able to choose ONE deal from our dedicated “Great Brtish Getaways for Under £100” collection page.
  3. This price limit applies to the deal and is not a price per head.
  4. Buyometric will accept no liability in any event of accidents or dissatisfaction with the package chosen.
  5. Buyometric’s sole responsibility within this competition will be the purchase of the offer of the winner’s choice within the limitations described on clause 2.
  6. Once the winner has been announced, Buyometric will contact the relevant party to arrange the deal.
  7. This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By participating you hereby release and hold harmless Facebook from any and all liability associated with this promotion.
  8. Entrants are providing information to Buyometric and not to Facebook.

What are you doing this mother’s day?

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It’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to celebrate our mums and all they’ve done for us over the years. I’m sure most of us would agree it’s a worthy celebration, but does a simple card cut it?

For Mothers Day this year, it’s not too late, we still have some fantastic offers that will really show your appreciation. Don’t leave it too late this year.

Keep an eye on your daily emails for featured Mothers Day offers. We’ve been posting great offers all week so take advantage now. There’s bound to be something for everyone from flowers to pampering experiences and spa weekends.

Get your mum something she deserves this year….