Tell us about your daily deal experiences

Posted by on 03-08-2011, under About Buyometric, New features

Buyometric Needs YouFancy seeing your face grinning back at you from the Buyometric website? We’d like to start collecting mini-reviews from Buyometric users on how they’ve found the *Daily Deal* experience. Anything from a few lines to a few paragraphs will do. The following questions might give you some inspiration:

  • Was the purchase process straight forward?
  • Did you receive your voucher code promptly?
  • Do you like using our partners’ websites (e.g. Groupon, Dealtastic etc)?
  • Were any issues quickly resolved?
  • Any advice you would give to someone considering a deal?

We’d like to use your quotes (plus a little picture if possible) on our website to inform other users of what to expect. We welcome negative comments, but would rather that they are framed as advice rather than out and out criticism.

Tell us in the following ways:

  • Twitter – tweet your thoughts and include the hashtag #buyometric. If we use your quote we can link back to your Twitter profile for you. Alternatively follow then DM @buyometric
  • Facebook – Comment on our wall post at
  • Blog – leave your thoughts in the comments below
  • Email – send your mini-review to Attach a photo if you have one handy.

There are no big prizes for taking part, other than personal glory, but if you send us a particularly useful or enlightening review we may be able to rustle up some Amazon Vouchers from the back of the stationery cupboard!

TeaCat Deals Joins The Fray

Posted by on 27-07-2011, under Group buying, New features, TeaCat

Finally got everything setup (late into the night) for our TeaCat launch this morning. Paul had a well earned lie in and we went live at 08:30 this morning with the first of our TeaCat offers – a great selection of Food and Fashion.

TeaCat joins the Group Buying fray with a focus on London and Surrey. Like the others, they offer fantastic discounts on things to do, see and experience in and around London and Surrey.

Home & Family – Here For A Day – Our Newest Addition

Posted by on 05-07-2011, under About Buyometric, Group buying, HereForADay, New features

We recently added Here For A Day to our list of featured partners. They’re a great addition to the Buyometric “family” and bring a nice selection of deals to the table that center around “Home & Family”.

As a family run business themselves, Mark and Donna – the co-founders of Here For A Day – have a real understanding of what a family is looking for and have really worked hard with us over the past couple of weeks to get things setup and ready for the launch.

Hopefully there won’t be too many more midnight emails bouncing back and fourth.

New ways to sort through deals

Posted by on 10-06-2011, under New features, User guide

We’ve just launched a few new features that should make finding the right deal a little bit easier.

Order deals by price

Sort by price

The default order that offers are displayed in is relevance. This is an order personalised to you based on your past usage of the website (among other things – see Our learning curve to personalising your deals). Now you can reorder the deals by price. Click the price sort icon once and the most expensive are at the top. Click it again and the least expensive are at the top.

Find the nearest offers to you

Sort by distance

Click the distance icon to see the deals closest to you. Initially we’ll use the postcode you gave us when you joined Buyometric to determine your current location. You can change this postcode using the form that appears a the top of the deals.

When sorting by distance we only display offers that have a physical location. Both price and distance sorting do not affect the type of deals we are showing you – the selection is still based on the category tags you have chosen.

View the location of a deal

For those deals that have a location you can now view where they are on a quick view map. Simply click the map icon on the offer listing.

View deal locations on a map

These are all beta features, and may change as we watch how people are using them. Tell us what you think about them in the comments.

Our learning curve to personalise your daily deals

Posted by on 06-05-2011, under About Buyometric, New features

BrainOver the last few weeks Buyometric has been getting smarter. What started as a simple tagging system to categorise the daily deals has evolved into a complex series of filters that decide which deals to show you each day, and in what order to do so.

The latest addition to the mix is a new behavioural profile – the brain of Buyometric.

Each user now has a unique behavioural profile (behind the scenes) that develops over several months. It’s based on your interaction with our website (ie what you click on, and what you ignore) and effectively boils down to the Buyometric system learning which types of deals you prefer. There’s nothing sinister about it – we simply use your profile to predict how likely it will be that you’ll find a new deal interesting, and then we make sure the most interesting deals for you are at the top of your daily email.

The new behavioural profile is only one of the steps we go through before delivering your daily deal email. At present we use eight separate filters to create each user a personalised list of deals from the hundreds of new offers we catalogue every day. It’s very likely that – even though we have thousands of members – your daily email will be unique to you.

It’s a complicated task, but one that we feel is essential in helping people cut through the online deal clutter.  Buyometric really is the smartest way to discover deals – nobody else even comes close!

GoGroopie Joins The Party

Posted by on 05-04-2011, under GoGroopie, Group buying, New features

In January 2011, Jon (MD) contacted me with an opportunity to partner with GoGroopie. After a slow start as they went through the same start up issues we did last year, GoGroopie has finally gone live and with it we’ve launched their first deal on Buyometric too.

GoGroopie has a fairly unique selling point, they want to help you learn, look and feel better! Whether it’s eating healthy, increasing your fitness, learning new skills, improving career prospects, taking up new hobbies, becoming greener or just looking or feeling better.

We like them a lot and hope that we can build a great relationship with them. Jon and i are going to celebrate the partnership later this month and hopefully build some even stronger bridges – never a bad thing.

What are you doing this mother’s day?

Posted by on 29-03-2011, under Featured Offers, New features

It’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to celebrate our mums and all they’ve done for us over the years. I’m sure most of us would agree it’s a worthy celebration, but does a simple card cut it?

For Mothers Day this year, it’s not too late, we still have some fantastic offers that will really show your appreciation. Don’t leave it too late this year.

Keep an eye on your daily emails for featured Mothers Day offers. We’ve been posting great offers all week so take advantage now. There’s bound to be something for everyone from flowers to pampering experiences and spa weekends.

Get your mum something she deserves this year….

Change your password plus social media sign-on

Posted by on 24-02-2011, under New features, User guide

PasswordYou can now change your Buyometric password to something more memorable. Apologies that it’s taken a little while to release this feature, but there is a story behind the delay.

We’ve always tried to minimise the number of times you’ll ever need a password to use our website because passwords are just plain annoying. Initially we thought that automatically logging members in when they clicked a link in our emails would solve the problem. Then we realised that some people don’t use our emails and instead come to the website directly every day. We tried to remember these people using cookies, so that we could restore their settings without a need for a password, but it wasn’t working very well.

The big problem is that most people expect to need a password. We’ve been conditioned to go to a website and log-in, and the absence of that process was confusing. So the number of emails requesting a memorable password has been growing every day.

As of today you can now set your own password via the Preference page. It can be anything between 5 and 20 characters long and can be used alongside your email address to enter the website.

Another cool way to enter the website is social media sign-on. If you have a Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Window’s Live (including Hotmail) account you can log in with that. It’s a very quick, painless process – just click on the relevant icon to start. You can even log in to an existing account with these new sign-on options, provided that the email address on your Buyometric account matches the one held by the social media provider.

Weekday and weekend email delivery

Posted by on 08-02-2011, under New features, User guide

Email deliveryWe know that some of you don’t check your email every day. It might be that you work in the great outdoors and so you’ll only log in to check your mail at the weekend. Or perhaps you’re chained to a desk all week (like me) and the thought of checking your email at the weekend fills you with dread.

The last thing we want to do is send you emails when you can’t pick them up – particularly when most of the offers we send you only last 24 hours. That’s why we’ve introduced weekday and weekend only delivery options.

Weekday delivery means you’ll only get an email from us Monday to Friday. Weekend delivery means that we’ll send you an offers email on Saturday and Sunday. I never said this was rocket science.

To change your delivery options click the Preferences tab.