Exclusive: A member of the French expat Londoners sect speaks out

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With just the Channel between the UK and France, London is one of the first destinations for our dear Frogs with an ever increasing 300,000 strong French community. These individuals are secretive by nature and it seems that only the French perceive their peers, although when this happens, you’ll hear people exclaiming themselves in their native language with cries of ‘mais je suis Francais moi aussi!’ Encounter them late enough in the night, and they are singing their national anthem in the tube station. After a certain period of time looking around, we managed to find one of them who agreed to tell us more about himself (on the condition that we source him 7 different highly illegal cheeses on the black market).

I love France. It’s warm, diverse, and the food is amazing. But I digress, my name is Mohamad and I’ve been working at Buyometric for the past 2 weeks. Born in the UK from French and Egyptian parents, I moved to France at the age of 9 and spent 10 amazing years there. After spending a year in Sciences Po Lille, I decided that I could be doing much more in London and decided to expatriate myself here. I’m now starting the 2nd year of my Bachelor’s degree and working at Buyometric in parallel. After spending a month applying to different PR agencies, I got a call back from Andy concerning a hands-on marketing & PR position with the opportunity to work in a start-up environment.  Shortly after, we embarked on an hour long discussion around some coffee. I started off the following day and have been having a great experience since then.

In the startup environment, ideas are constantly flying around and you can sense a feeling of life that can be absent in larger organizations. Between project management, pipelining and a consistent rollout of new features and content, every day you go home also carries a sense of accomplishment. The company has already been around for 2 years, you can sense that it is steadily growing with a vision behind it. Here, I manage the Facebook page, write blog articles and press releases, and delve into business stuff from time to time. I also spend considerable amounts of time contemplating our office shrimp thrive in its aquatic microcosm. This time spent meditating enables me to come up with new ideas and focus my mind on the task at hand.  Alternatively, you’ll find me perusing Reddit and on a day I’m feeling brave enough, 4chan to bring you the best of web content. Regularly updating this blog is also on the top of my todo list in order to update you on Buyometric as well as diverse events and issues of interest to you.

I was aware of the daily offers market, but have only just started gaining an insight to its inner workings, and trust me, there’s a lot going on! I’ve had the occasion to study the players of the field and look into how the market functions. Believe me, we are in a very special period for daily deals. In an era bitten by austerity, people love the opportunity to treat themselves and a one day luxury spa break at highly reduced prices is one of the ways to go. I signed up to a few of these discount websites a while back, but started hitting SPAM when they sent me vouchers for leg epilation. Apparently this is a current trend amongst men, but I still believe in the power of bodily hair (although I still can’t grow a decent beard). That’s why I believe in and endorse the tailored offers concept behind Buyometric and also because I hope to leverage my newfound proximity with its co-founders to get a load of stock options if they go public one day.

Anyways, I’ve seen alot of stuff happening since I’ve been here and had the opportunity to participate in it as well. Following our expansion strategy, we’ll be working incredibly hard over the next few months to provide you with the widest selection possible of relevant deals on our website. It’s going to be bigger, better, and more diverse. Buyometric is continually growing, and as it does, so will I.

When I’m not contemplating fish or browsing funny websites under the pretense of ‘’market research,’’ you can contact me on m.elboudi@buyometric.com or on LinkedIn

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