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BrainOver the last few weeks Buyometric has been getting smarter. What started as a simple tagging system to categorise the daily deals has evolved into a complex series of filters that decide which deals to show you each day, and in what order to do so.

The latest addition to the mix is a new behavioural profile – the brain of Buyometric.

Each user now has a unique behavioural profile (behind the scenes) that develops over several months. It’s based on your interaction with our website (ie what you click on, and what you ignore) and effectively boils down to the Buyometric system learning which types of deals you prefer. There’s nothing sinister about it – we simply use your profile to predict how likely it will be that you’ll find a new deal interesting, and then we make sure the most interesting deals for you are at the top of your daily email.

The new behavioural profile is only one of the steps we go through before delivering your daily deal email. At present we use eight separate filters to create each user a personalised list of deals from the hundreds of new offers we catalogue every day. It’s very likely that – even though we have thousands of members – your daily email will be unique to you.

It’s a complicated task, but one that we feel is essential in helping people cut through the online deal clutter.  Buyometric really is the smartest way to discover deals – nobody else even comes close!

  • http://buyometric Jennifer Taylor

    Love the site – what a brilliant idea , customising the deals offered!1


  • Paul

    Thanks Jenny, we do our best 🙂

  • Jon

    Suggestion – on the deals email you have Facebook “Share” button while on the main info page for each deal you have a “Send” button. I would suggest also having a Share button on the main info page; I am inclined to share deals but only usually after I’ve checked the details on the website, not directly from the email. Twitter in both places too.

    Also – Twitter share button in email doesn’t work for me, takes me to Twitter but doesn’t populate tweet ready to send.

    Otherwise Buyometric very excellent so far!

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