Living Social Completes The Picture

Good news! After 18 months of discussion, Living Social have finally come on board and now complete the picture to ensure that Buyometric really is providing a selection of ALL the best deals from across the UK.

Living Social has a huge range of offers to suit every type of deal fan and now those offers are available in your “daily dose of deals” courtesy of Buyometric. From local offers on restaurants, spas, and haircuts to national brand products, luxurious escapes and fantastic family experiences – there’s something for everyone.

So, what took us so long?

Living Social are a US company, and in early 2011, a decision in their Washington DC head office was taken to steer clear of working with deal aggregators. However the popularity of Buyometric in the UK has reached across the pond, and with the support of the Living Social UK team we’ve joined up with them in a strategic partnership that will see our users benefit from more choice than anywhere else.

We went to meet the guys and girls over at the Living Social UK head offices, and I have to say – I was impressed.

Signing in on a brand new iPad, before being shown to the “Social” bar was great, but passing the games room – Table Tennis, Foosball and Arcade Dance Machines – before dropping by the “picnic” meeting room (grass floors, picnic tables and sundrenched skies), made me realise that our own humble London Bridge office has a long way to go.

 There was a definite sense of pride and achievement and we’re confident that this will shine through in the quality of the offers we’re now sharing with you.

To celebrate this new partnership and to show how ecstatic we are to be working together, we’re giving away £100 worth of Living Social vouchers to one lucky winner to be selected at random from anyone who purchases a Living Social deal through Buyometric before the 9th July 2012. Terms can be found here.

Finally, a blog from Buyometric

Posted by on 02-02-2011, under About Buyometric

Welcome to our blogSo finally we’ve decided to start a Buyometric blog and introduce ourselves properly to all our users. Why have we left it so long, after launching our site back in October? Well, we’ve been pretty busy making the site work as brilliantly as possible, and if we’re being honest, a blog has always come a bit further down the list than getting the basics absolutely spot on.

Why start now, then? Well, we hope that a blog can help you (our users and members) to get to know the Buyometric team a bit more personally. To understand that behind Buyometric, there’s not just some clever technology (which of course there is), but that there are real people too (we’re called Paul, Helen and Andy), and that we’re listening to what you have to say, and improving our service as much as we can, day by day.

We hope that this blog will make you, our users, more confident that we’re listening to you, and we hope you’ll feel able to contact us directly, to let us know your thoughts, ideas and feedback. Of course if you have ideas about the site that you’d like to share, we’d encourage you to use the ‘Feedback’ button on the right hand side of all our webpages, which will take you to a Get Satisfaction forum where you can tell us what you’d like to change.

I’ll be using the next few posts to let you ‘behind the scenes’ at Buyometric, and show you who we are, and what we’re doing, to bring you a better, more intelligent, and truly useful service. To slightly corrupt the lyrics to a famous Bryan Adams song – ‘Everything we do, we do it for you’.