New ways to sort through deals

Posted by on 10-06-2011, under New features, User guide

We’ve just launched a few new features that should make finding the right deal a little bit easier.

Order deals by price

Sort by price

The default order that offers are displayed in is relevance. This is an order personalised to you based on your past usage of the website (among other things – see Our learning curve to personalising your deals). Now you can reorder the deals by price. Click the price sort icon once and the most expensive are at the top. Click it again and the least expensive are at the top.

Find the nearest offers to you

Sort by distance

Click the distance icon to see the deals closest to you. Initially we’ll use the postcode you gave us when you joined Buyometric to determine your current location. You can change this postcode using the form that appears a the top of the deals.

When sorting by distance we only display offers that have a physical location. Both price and distance sorting do not affect the type of deals we are showing you – the selection is still based on the category tags you have chosen.

View the location of a deal

For those deals that have a location you can now view where they are on a quick view map. Simply click the map icon on the offer listing.

View deal locations on a map

These are all beta features, and may change as we watch how people are using them. Tell us what you think about them in the comments.