The top 7 Tips on How to Save Money when Moving Homes

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By George Peebles

The top 7 Tips on How to Save Money when Moving Homes

Moving to a new home is usually an expensive endeavor and it is important to cut any costs that you can. Fortunately there are easy ways to reduce your expenses, so you can spend more of your budget on transforming your new house into a home.

Here are the top 7 tips on how to save money when moving homes:

1.      Eliminate Anything You Can

Purging before a move can help save a significant amount of money. Go through every room in your house and streamline your belongings down to only what you use, need, or love. If you come across items that haven’t been used within the last year and they don’t have special sentimental meaning, they should be tossed or donated. You can put together a yard sale if you have a significant amount of worthwhile things that you don’t need anymore. That will help you save money when moving homes and help you make a little money at the same time.

2.      Collect Free Packing Materials

Start putting aside boxes once you’ve made the decision to move. Businesses pay to have their boxes recycled and are usually happy to give them away to people for free. Many grocery stores also have cardboard boxes available for packing groceries. You can use them to pack up your groceries and then save them for packing your belongings. You can also use your blankets, pillows, and sweaters as packing material for breakable items. You can save a lot of money when moving homes if you don’t have to pay for packing materials.

3.      Evaluate Your Bigger Belongings

Some things are more cost efficient to replace. For example, it may make more sense to buy a new swing set, if you have an older or inexpensive one. The cost to move the swing set to the new location could be more money than it’s worth. Pool tables and pianos are very expensive to move and you might be better off selling them prior. You can always buy new ones later on if you decide you miss having them around.Pic 1

4.      Wait to Buy Anything New

If you are already considering buying new appliances or furniture, this could be the perfect time to do it. Instead of paying to ship your old appliances or furniture to the new house, you can plan to have the newer models delivered on moving day and then sell off your old appliances or furniture with your old home. The same principle applies to groceries. Cut back on groceries as you approach moving day. You can always restock the fridge and pantry once you are settled into your new place.

5.      Research Moving Companies

There are countless different moving companies and their rates can vary drastically. There could also be drastic differences in their customer service and care for your belongings. Make sure to compare rates, investigate their experience, and review their testimonials. You can also ask people you know that have recently moved what they thought of the company they used. If you are doing the moving yourself, make sure to thoroughly read any rental agreements for moving vehicles. You can save a lot of money when moving homes by researching all of your options.

6.      Move into a Furnished Rental

One of the simplest ways to save money when moving homes is to rent an already furnished rental unit. Rentify has numerous listings for fabulously furnished homes throughout the UK. They can also help organize the rental agreement and key exchange to make the process even easier.


7.      Don’t Forget to Pack Your Vehicle

Once you take possession of your new home or rental property, make sure to fill your vehicle any time that you make a trip over to the new place. If you go there to measure the windows for blinds or just to check in on the property, bring a load of boxes and any smaller items that you won’t need before moving day.


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