We’re now live from London Bridge!

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We’ve moved! Over the last week we’ve been settling in to our new office in London Bridge. We are just over the moon to have a place that’s all ours where we can work together with no distractions.

So here we are – Andy on the left, Paul in the middle and me (Helen) on the end – hard at work (of course), snapped by our new neighbour and landlord (and since Friday night’s drinks, our new best friend) Luc from Liberty Resourcing, the company in the office upstairs.

London Bridge is a great location to be in – we’re about 30 seconds walk away from Borough Market and can almost smell the gourmet food on offer if we lean out of one of the windows. Watch out for future photos in which we all gain significant weight.

To make the office more comfortable, Andy and Paul went on a trip to a cool social enterprise place called First Fruit Warehousing in East London (near the Thames Barrier) to get all the office furniture – all of which is re-used. (Isn’t it great when you can be bargain-hunters AND environmentally friendly at the same time!).  Paul completed the look with some £1.50 lamps from the Ikea sale, and Andy added a coffee machine and biscuit tin (not visible in the photo) and our Buyometric office was fit for purpose.

Being together in one place has lifted us to a state of constant creativity and collaboration – it’s heaven! Although Paul and I are having to get used to Andy’s special talent for creating mess – it seems he needs at least 2 desks just to spread his stuff over. Ah well, some you win, some you lose.

And now we’ve got the space to expand, we’re thinking about taking on new members of the team. Watch this space.

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  • http://www.worldofdeals.co.uk Ryan

    Nice one guys

  • ac2_uk

    I’m jealous, London is just great. Certainly sounds like heaven to me. Hope everything works out for all.

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